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There are no age restrictions in the U.S. for playing instruments for solo performances. However, some restrictions do exist for professional players. Some international players are prohibited from performing in U.S. public schools, public libraries, and other institutions. Professional players who play more than 200 times per year at home are restricted from performing anywhere in the U.S. and must work separately from home.

Is music education for all ages necessary?

No, there is no set age for students to learn to play. Music education is a lifelong process, and is therefore best attended by a child who is capable of listening to, understanding, and remembering the score. Some schools require a minimum grade level for entry, others allow students at any age to perform in the ensemble. However, any student who performs professionally and has been accepted for the National Competition without performing in the Solo Competition can participate in music history as an adult. This includes performing with an orchestras in addition to solo concerts.

Can I learn to play an instrument any way I want? What should I practice?

At the U.S. National Competition, music students may practice by doing nothing at all. This is often referred to as the “free-class” practice method, and is recommended, but not required, by the organizers. Other practices include: listening to recordings of the National Competition; practicing by practicing the National Competition; practicing under the direction of an instructor; or practicing with a student. All four of these techniques should be practiced by all students in order to prepare and master the essential components of the repertoire.

How long is the Competition? What happens after that?

After the American Soloists Association has determined that the winner for this event has been reached, the competition is held one to three weeks later in another city or country.

Who organizes the competition?

The organization named the National Competition Organizing Committee is comprised of members of the American Soloists Association, plus representatives from the Organizing Committee and other national or international organizations. The International Competition Organizing Committee is composed of both American Soloists Association members and international competitors.

What is the National Competition, you ask?

The National Competition is an educational tournament. It is an opportunity for all young instrumentalists to demonstrate skill and experience and to have their voices heard in a public forum.

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