Can I start learning violin at 20? – Can You Learn How To Play Violin Online

Of course! We provide an 18 month violin lessons package that includes a full violin lesson for 2 hours plus other fun stuff like reading materials and more. All you have to do to receive your 18 months membership and start teaching is take our free one-hour audition at our studio and we’ll have set your violin teaching certificate!

Can I play music at my child’s school?

We do not provide lessons for elementary schools or middle schools because it is very expensive and they don’t have enough faculty to teach music. If they do need you, we will offer a variety of teaching methods at our studio:

Fully-amateur tutoring with an 18 month (plus two year) membership in this studio.

Part time piano lessons.

Conducting lessons.

Music classes

Hearing students, not just a recording of them is critical to the quality of your tutoring.

Our goal at our studio is to make the experience of doing your music lesson in Baltimore, a rewarding and fun one.

Our studio is not affiliated with any schools. We do not provide lessons for private lessons or individual lessons with students outside of the Baltimore Metro area.

Do I have to take a private lesson?

No! But it is recommended that you have other teachers present to support your efforts. That being said, a private teacher can still provide a valuable service, as they have the time and guidance to do an excellent job.

How do I become a concertmaster?

To become a professional chamber music concertmaster, you must enroll in and pass one of our four auditions each at our studio and at the National Arts Centre.

To apply, go to our auditioning page.

I’m not an American citizen! Can I teach in Baltimore?

Unfortunately, we are not able to teach violin outside of Baltimore due to the complexities of US immigration, citizenship laws and immigration laws in Baltimore County. Although we do have other options, we need to be able to meet the requirements of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Can you teach at my school? How do I make a violin-recommended teacher list?

Yes. The best thing you can do to ensure that your education will be provided with the most value is to contact our office directly. We are able to provide a list of qualified teachers who are willing to teach violin in Baltimore.

We have a list of qualified teachers on our

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