Can I learn violin in 6 months?

Are my parents going to buy me a violin? What if I want to be a professional musician but have no experience? What if I don’t want to be a musician at all?


“It’s so hard to say exactly how we expect to do all this.

It’s more of a general goal: We want you to be happy, to learn the instrument, and to see it as a lifelong passion, rather than someone else’s hobby. We want you to see it as a career; you’ll be a professional player, and we’ll help you find your career path.

For the time being, we don’t expect anyone to give us their children right away, even if this is the most desirable option. If it’s not possible or desirable, we’ve still set a goal, and we want you to achieve it as a lifelong goal. That is, as a lifelong partner or a partner in some other way.”

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How do I get an orchestra scholarship?


“If you have a good sense of direction and strong desire to play, we want to help you find a way. We love that you want to make a difference, and we want you to make a difference in the world. And we want you to make an impact on kids.”

Which one of the following is for me?

Can you buy my soul back? What if I choose to give back to the community?


“That is a choice, but one we’re really glad you’ve made. It’s very hard to give back, so why should we force you to? You should be able to decide when and how to give. We hope that you’ll choose to give back the moment you get that chance. We believe that being a great musician gives you incredible life wisdom, so we’ll always be here watching for that.

It’s also a great way to give back to the people who have supported you while you were in college, and to the communities you’ve helped to establish.”

Do you give back to other people when they ask?


“Yes. Yes and no.

You can’t have everything. Of course we give back to charity when the opportunity arises, but it’s more or less the same as we would do if we were making a decision to give or not to give ourselves and our family a better life. It’s really a choice we’re all happy with.”