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Do not ask for 6 months of lessons. If you can, try to get to know the conductor and his work first. Ask to see a music-course or a class. The student is likely to tell you about his work.

Can I rent instruments in Munich?

Sure. The best place to rent instruments is in a concert hall. However, it would be good to rent instruments elsewhere in Munich. The best places to rent instruments are in the city centre. They usually have instruments you cannot find elsewhere, such as clarinet, sax, violin, guitar and percussion. You can rent them from the following places: Stadthalle, Kreuzberg, Plötzensemble, the Symphony Hall or the Halle-Rechtsanplatz (reception).

When can I learn a new instrument?

It depends on the type of instrument. If you plan to learn an instrument for a longer period of time such as classical or concert, usually it takes at least a year of practice, after which you should try to learn it again with fewer mistakes.

Will studying instruments allow me to do other studies?

Yes, of course. However, you will have a greater chance of mastering a new instrument by learning it first. It’s easier to study without looking at pictures and hearing performances.

My student says we need 6 years of practice, but I need 5 years of practice!

The average time for students to learn a new instrument is 4 years, but the length depends on the instrument. For example, the average time used for students is about 4 years for a flute and 5 for a harpsichord.

Does studying instruments for only 5 years help me in my musical career?

Not necessarily. After the course you can play other instruments or make it your job to teach other students. You can then play concert halls and private lessons, if the other students decide to take them. If they do, you can then concentrate on playing the original instruments. Even then, there are other skills you need to learn and practise before you go on to play the instruments you want to.

How do instruments cost?

Good question. Although people often say it is cheaper studying an instrument than playing it, the reality is that you will have more learning to do. The cost per year of an instrument should be at least 2 years of study for a beginner and at least 6 years for a professional musician.

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