Can I learn violin at 40? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Assets

If I take one lesson and I’m really into it, I would try and do three classes, and I’d see if I could learn more. If I was really struggling or in the beginning stages of learning, I would go for one session and see if I could find a way to improve.

My first class and first lessons were very different from one another. It’s hard to describe because I’m very passionate about my work and I really am going to try and go as far as I can go but at the same time I’m in love with the music I’m playing. I’m kind of not a shy person by nature – I like to be in front of the camera as much as possible, so you are going to see that but I actually try and stay very quiet and really work and learn for myself but a lot of people try to teach me and I’m like ‘I know exactly what I’m doing, I can work through whatever it is that I’m up against!’ If I really try hard and put a lot of time into it, I can get there!

I’ve had the experience of being at a wedding where the bride had done a one, and then after a day or two they said to the groom, ‘Oh we’re not going to use her because she is not good enough’. So you would be like ‘Oh no!’ but you would try your best to do exactly what it took to get there.

Why do you think that is?

At 38 I know exactly what I want to have accomplished in my career and so do my wife and I. They know what we want to achieve and that is to be at the top at the highest professional level we can possibly be. We have spent an unbelievable amount of time on this project and as a result in many ways we know what we’re passionate about. So I wouldn’t be surprised if, like me, some young men or women say ‘I want to be what I’m passionate about because it’s what I like to do’.

Do you think there is an increasing role of women in music?

I don’t think there are women out there who can be successful, for the most part, in music, it’s the men and women who do not have the dedication and the ability to devote a lot of time to work on things that are absolutely vital as it is a matter of life or death. But to the extent that women like to work with music and it’s something they enjoy they will find

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