Can adults learn violin? – Coursera Violin Course

Yes, any adult can learn violin in a manner that they themselves will choose. However, no two individuals can learn the exact same way. Therefore, there are many different ways to become a violinist. There is no particular way to become a professional violinist.

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A former member of the New Jersey State Assembly has told The Irish Times that he was fired from his position as a public defender after he made homophobic comments to a colleague in a video statement to the media.

Michael Connolly, who formerly served on the New Jersey Commission of Probate, said he had been terminated on Thursday but did not elaborate on the circumstances. The New Jersey Superior Court confirmed that it was reviewing the matter.

Connolly, who is bisexual, made the comments during an exchange online of what he described as “sins of the flesh”. In his statement to the media, he said that while he was a public defender in New Brunswick, he had been “offended” by his colleague and that he had decided to take his own life over being targeted in the way.

The statement was made at the conclusion of a recording that was played to the media last week.

“There was no malice in it – it was a private conversation. It is completely private and I had nothing to do with it,” Connolly told The Irish Times, declining to say when he made the remarks or what they were about.

Despite his assertions

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