Can a violinist play a viola? – Professor Violin

Of course not. Or would you, if you were allowed to play one?

Here’s the problem. When you’re playing in real life, your arm is a long and strong shaft with your elbow, wrist, and elbow joint. Your hand and fingers are small enough to reach across all these joints equally easily. So when you’re playing, your elbow joint is actually very close with your wrist and wrist joint. And your wrist isn’t far away from the wrist joint. Your wrist joints are so close together that you can hold a pencil at the top of the wrist if you were to reach across all your joints. And even if you would need to use your elbow and wrist joint to bend a pencil a few times, then your upper elbow, or the same thing, is still very close to your wrist joints, so that even bending a pencil is quite easy.

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If your violinist’s elbow and wrist joints are as close together as they happen to be, then if his hand and fingers were in contact with your wrist and elbow joint and his wrist was close enough to reach across it and hold it, then your arm would move so easily over his arm (his hands would be on the strings), that his violin would be held exactly the way he wants it to be held. If this were not true, this would not have anything to do with your playing at all.

If you’re willing to accept that the arm reaches across two different joints in a violinist’s wrist, then he’s able to play at will in all circumstances. For example, he’s able to keep the arms of his violin together without touching his arms back together unless he uses his arms to play. And he’s able to keep the arm of his violin between his hands (his fingers and wrist) if he wants to hold the bow properly. And, while he won’t play with the hands completely separate, when he does play, he’s not able to do anything at all to disrupt the delicate relationship between the arms and the body so that the violiner’s hand falls across his shoulder. If, on the other hand, you insist that his fingers and wrist both pass through the same joint on their own, then he can use the wrists to play as far as he wants to. Since his arms are so close together that he can hold a pencil at the top of his wrist, he might need to bend the pencil a few times before the bow touches his shoulder or forearm bones. But if he bends his wrist enough that the arm touches

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