Can a 3 year old play violin?

A: Yes, just look at the number of people who can play Bach, and just how many have 3+ years of instrument training (and many do). Some people have played, even in the 4 year age range, at some point during their life, and I’ve no doubt there are others.

Q: Why does this apply?

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A: Because, you can’t learn to play an instrument if someone thinks you can’t. Most teachers don’t think you’re mature enough to master violin, so you never get the chance. Even if you think that you could, you still won’t. It takes time and dedication, and even that is usually a lot of practice.

Q: Doesn’t everyone start learning at 3 or 4?

A: No, at any age children can play.

Q: But isn’t that a bit of a waste of time?

A: It can seem so, but in reality it’s very, very different, which isn’t true of learning on a keyboard, for example. On a keyboard, with an instrument like the violin, as well as piano and drums, you can teach all sorts of different exercises, for example for the left hand or the right hand, and you have a long and varied range of movements that are possible, and that will be much better for you than learning exercises to try to do the same motions on a violin. The violin is a complex instrument.

Q: Can a 3 year old play one instrument alone, without accompaniment?

A: Yes, he can play on his own if he does what needs to be done.

Q: Can we play without a teacher?

A: You have a different teacher every time, so it’s likely that he’ll tell you not to. You’ll have other lessons which you really should do as well if you really need to, as things can get confusing if you’re not sure.

Q: I can’t play, can I just sit and watch?

A: No, you need to have some time to really concentrate on the lessons to get you up to where you need to be. You’ll need at least that to see the difference between “just sitting and looking at the music” vs. practising. In order to practice well, you actually need to play. If it makes little difference, then it doesn’t matter what instrument you play. On a violin I would say that an 18+ person should practice