Are Yamaha violins good?

If you ask two experienced violins players, the answer is a simple answer: they are very good, and they have a wide range, as do all Yamaha violins I know.
Now, let’s see if this information can be applied to other models in the Yamaha family and to other brands of vintage violins.

To start your inquiry of all the brands of violin models available in the USA and Europe, you need to check the following article  by  Thomas St. Onge (published in 2007):
This article is a long one, but to start: there are four major types of violins in the world: those produced in the olden days, those produced in the present, those produced in the not so distant future, and those that will be produced on a large scale in the coming years.
The last two are not yet made, and are to come, but they will be the last to reach maturity (and that is the problem – it is the age that will determine their performance quality):
(1) Vintage Violin made after 1920, which will probably be called post-war, but still very good. They have a wide range and will be used for many generations to come by the very best (well, except for the very famous).
(2) Vintage Violin produced after 1900, which will not be called “post-war”, but still will be considered very good – with few exceptions, even in a very small market. They offer the widest range possible and will offer excellent performance for the next few thousand years.
(3) Vintage violins made just after the first world war, which won’t be called post-war, but have had the best improvements made to them so far, especially their sound and the quality of materials used in the construction (so called “newer” violins). These are some of the models you will find in an instrument bag with a few examples or even more.
(4) Vintage violins, produced mostly after 1950. These have the most recent improvements made to them, and are usually used as they were used in the first decade of life, and for many generations to come.
This information isn’t that hard to apply, if you want to find out, for example, which violins make the best choices for the beginner or to whom their development should be compared. Or perhaps you want to know what to buy when buying