Which ring light do YouTubers use? – Learn Videography In 5 Days

YouTubers with “regular” rings are mostly using the same brand of light as their competitors. YouTubers with “solo” rings usually use multiple brands, and some have tried to differentiate their designs from those of their competitor; but most of the time they use the same or nearly identical light.

As an average example, here are some common solo ring types:

Warm-Flash Light

If you’ve seen anything related to the “warm-flash light”, you’ve probably recognized it in many popular “glammy” style camera lights. It’s made out of a plastic or glass light body that encloses the light bulb in small plastic housing. The plastic housing is designed to be sealed, reducing heat and light transfer.

YouTubers are also using warm-flash lights a lot lately. They tend to use lights with a relatively large light size (such as the Canon 800EX-RT or Nikon 400EX-RT) instead of a smaller one. They tend to have much higher power, though, which can increase flare and glare. YouTubers also tend to use more expensive light bulbs than their competitors.

I’ve seen some cool ring lights. However, they still often use plastic- or glass-covered flash bulbs, and the plastic housing often gets scratched and gets dinged on parts. So it is not a perfect match.

Pro-Shot Lit-Flash

Pro-shot lit-flash has evolved from a warm-flash design, to one that utilizes a larger light bulb. It differs from the warm-flash because the bulb’s shape is much larger, which has led some to suggest that the bulb is less likely to be scratched by a small finger or dropped, compared to warm-flash bulbs.

I’ve seen some cool ring lights with this type of light. However, they tend to be bigger and have much more power.

I’ve also seen pro-shot lit-flash lights that have a larger, more expensive bulb than some of these ring lights.

In one instance I’ve seen, a pro-shot lit-flash was designed to work with a larger, non-stopping ring of lights, which were then used to achieve the stopping speed and flash pattern of stop-and-go-style flash.

The bulb’s position on the camera can also impact its durability. For example, a ring-filled flash won’t last much longer with a camera that uses either a

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