Which is better mirror or mirrorless camera?

To many the question is a matter of personal preference. The answer depends on your needs, and what you expect to achieve with it. In fact, choosing the right camera can give you access to all those options and make you feel more confident that you can achieve what’s needed. That said, it may be wise to wait a few months before deciding on a product.

What I like about mirrorless is that it’s easy to do things fast when you don’t have to wait or look back over your shoulder. A large aperture on your camera is a powerful tool. A slow aperture in a mirrorless will often make a big difference to image quality. If you have a tripod, you’ll have instant, real-time control over depth of field.

Can the camera use DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex)?

A true mirrorless DSLR has to be able to focus through lenses larger than an APS-C sensor.
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Can I get professional quality in this camera?


Can I use a large sensor to shoot stills?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I shoot high quality stills on a high resolution sensor?

Unfortunately, no.

What are the advantages of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX900?

The DSC-RX900 is one of the largest digital mirrorless cameras ever made. What makes it special is its ability to shoot 5 MP still images.

Can I use it to do 3D video?

Yes. You can do it from your smartphone using the APS Sensor Live View function.

Can I shoot video from the camera with a remote control?

For 3D use, you will need a remote.

Can I use autofocus to focus while capturing stills?

All autofocus options are currently supported.

Why can’t I focus manually during recording?

The DSC-RX900 requires a dedicated AF area to track your subject and then focus for image capture. Once your subject has been tracked, the subject will be able to focus by focusing only on the subject in focus.

What is the maximum image resolution?

The camera has a full pixel sensor, which makes up to 24.05 megapixels of usable resolution. The camera is capable of recording 20.36 megapixel stills and up to 30.48 megapixel HD (High Definition) video.

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