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Mirrorless cameras have always been expensive. While the $2k entry-level Panasonic Toughpad E-100 or $2,000 entry-level Olympus M.Zuiko Digital SLR is great, a $1,000 Sony Cyber-shot S100 will get you a decent camera that will let you do the bare minimum of shooting, but not let you do anything else.

Mirrorless cameras are all about the quality of the images you get with them. You’ve got a lot of work in developing these images, which means they can be more expensive than full-sized DSLRs, but the higher resolution comes with lower image noise, more contrast, fewer grainy edges and other quality improvements.

The downside is that you don’t have a DSLR to compare them against, and there is less of an appetite for mirrorless cameras. The competition is so good that it’s tough to win the camera wars.

Can you make a mirrorless camera a good camera?

There are plenty of other cameras out there that are better in this area (e.g. Nikon D5100 vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100, Sony GX850, Panasonic Lumix DG Art or Sony α7). I don’t consider any of these “mirror” cameras when I’m choosing a camera, but it is true that mirrorless cameras are no longer limited to the $500 price point. It’s the only way to shoot on them and it takes time and effort to learn how best to do that, but after enough repetitions you will be good at it, you will have an advantage over the competition, and hopefully you have a better camera on a camera bag or pocket in yours.

Does mirrorless affect video quality?

Yes it does. While video is only 20% of the shooting life for the average shooter, it represents around 40% of the imaging effort. So if you can shoot some high-resolution, sharp, detailed video then you will still have a camera on your shoulder and carry around it. While it’s the same story for cameras of every size, I will note that video cameras are now mostly mirrorless, but a mirrorless camera is not the same as a normal camera, as many have more sensor, less resolution and/or fewer features than most cameras.

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