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(or both?)

I have been wanting to buy the full-frame EOS 5Ds for some time now and when the camera arrived today, it left something to be desired. The mirrorless EOS is a great camera, but it looks like EOS 5D Mark II in a mirror. The 5D Mark II just looks like something from 2013. The mirrorless camera has an interesting feature that is a great complement to the 5Ds and which made the EOS 5Ds a great purchase. That is a feature, called an “auto-rotation.” Essentially, if you move the lens out of focus in a mirrorless camera, the viewfinder automatically rotates and the pictures will become more in focus and not blurry. But this is a very useful feature for some.

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For me, however, it is a big no-no if I’m looking for images that are more in focus. To make the pictures more in focus, I usually do some sharpening. And this is something the EOS 5D Mark II can do. When you use the 5D Mark II’s optical image stabilization you can keep the image in focus and still use all the same software that is available on the 5Ds as a part of the EOS 5D II. It allows you to use the built in EVF and still take sharp images. So far, I find a 5D Mark II with the feature works very well.

The 5D Mark II provides a more flexible interface for RAW files. The 5D Mark II’s RAW files are much superior to the 5Ds’ RAW files. Because the 5Ds is limited to only about 50 RAW files, it makes sense that RAW files are easier to produce as well. So for me, 5D Mark II RAW files are just as useful as 5Ds RAW files, but are in many ways superior. Of course the 5D Mark II can handle RAW files without issues, but that is not the point. What is the point is that when the 5D Mark II’s RAW files are shot without any processing, the photographs look like they were taken directly from the digital sensor. In other words, they look like they were processed without going through a lens mount.

I do not use RAW files at all. I use the 1s and 3s files and even the 8th bit files. The 1s files look great, the 1st ten shots are all 1s, and the last 10 shots are 3s. If I were to do a

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