Which course is best for video editing? – How Do I Make A Video Of Myself On My Laptop

You are wrong!

The best way to learn to edit in Premiere is to start with a basic video editor.

The following basic tools are all needed:

Camera Shake

Video Splitter


Avid’s Quicktime

Note: In previous versions of Premiere Pro your camera’s Shake can be changed at any time using the Audio Clip editor. But, I’m not sure it exists in the new version. This is why I’d suggest that you start out as a casual video editor, just shooting and mixing your own material. Once you become a professional, you can change the Shake of your shots on a per video basis.

Note: You can’t see the differences between the two versions of Premiere Pro, but all of these tools are actually pretty similar and in my opinion are essential for every video editor’s workflow at some point.

In the next post we’ll take a closer look at how this applies to the video editor that’s going to make up this series.

I think it would be best if a group of people made the video with the main purpose of getting an idea and then making an edit. Maybe if someone makes an edit it’ll show us what it’ll really look like and give everyone an opportunity to critique the edited version. We’re all working on it and we’d be able to see who’s doing what.

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