What is the starting salary for a video editor?

The average video editor’s starting salary varies depending on their education level and experience, the type of video they’re working on and the industry they work in.

This is according to a research conducted by the BBC’s Video Lab in conjunction with the University of East Anglia’s Centre for Media Studies. In order to create this report, the team interviewed 200 current video editors in the UK.

As you can see, there are wide differences in the range of starting salaries depending on where you work.

Video editors in the film, television and advertising industries start on £40,000, while video editors who work in the games industry start on £35,000. The highest earning videos editors in the history of the UK video industry started at £60,000.

At the same time, the lowest paid video editors starting in the film industry are working at over £16,000, while those working in the film and advertising industries start in the £8,800 range.

And for those working in the games industry, they can earn as high as £22,000, while those in the film, television and advertising industries start at £13,500. For people who want to learn film or television editing, a Master level or above in UK film or TV animation is needed to secure professional recognition in the industry.

Where do video editors usually come from?

There is a large number of different video development studios in the UK and as a result, there is a high degree of competition for jobs.

This leads to the high proportion of video editors from different departments having a place in their employer’s video department. The higher they go, the greater the chances of them being hired.

However, most video editors start somewhere. The average starting salary for video editors starts from £20,000, which can easily double in the industry as an artist or animator can earn considerably more.

Where can you find videos editors?

According to their website, there are over 900 full-time video editors working for over 150 different companies in the UK.

For those starting out in film or video editing, one of the best places to find a video editing role is the BBC’s Video Lab.

This job application platform is particularly good for video editors looking for jobs who have a variety of experiences in video production.

It also has a good section for video editors from a variety of different fields, which makes it easy to find jobs.