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It could be a film score you see when watching a musical movie. An artist just can’t resist his first shot of the soundtrack while creating the song so he/she can go home happy. And when he/she is done, and he/she has put in his thoughts, what is the saddest song? The saddest to listen to? Or the saddest to watch?

But there are other music videos that you see on a daily basis. Even though most music videos are just a bunch of shots of celebrities with guitars, there are still moments in which music videos seem quite sad to watch. These are some of the saddest moments to watch music videos!

A woman had a harrowing experience while riding her electric scooter in Houston on Wednesday morning.

The woman told KHOU 11 that she was riding in Houston when a van on Highway 290 swerved and cut her off from the road.

She says the van stopped and the driver was driving recklessly while flashing a large “Beware of Electric Bikes” sign. She said other passengers laughed at her in the rearview mirror.

The woman described the driver as having a white male face with thick, curly hair and a thin mustache.

The driver continued to take photos and video throughout the day.

“She was a bright girl that loved to swim, but that day she was so tired that she couldn’t even swim. I remember thinking to myself, ‘She must be really tired,’ she was so tired. And then, she got tired because she went into the pool and the water was so cold, and so dry, and she could barely move in her arms. She couldn’t even look you in the eyes anymore. This is the thing that I hate the most,” says Svetlana. “When she couldn’t even swim, when you go there to a party, and that’s the last place that you want to be, and you don’t have a place to go home, this is when it’s the most difficult because she was so sad. It’s so heartbreaking. You always want to do something, you just can’t do anything. In our lives we’ve come to know what pain is, and even now, in our lives we’ve come to know that we’re living with pain.”

As a young Russian woman living in the United States, Svetlana, who is identified in her home country only as “Svetlina,” had the sense of the U.

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