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A lot of sadness, people say they’re doing something about it.”

If you’re a woman in China and you’re in your 20s, you’re less than a year away from the next big milestone — becoming a woman. But can a young woman be a great businesswoman, politician and investor in six months?

China’s economic development is taking on more momentum than ever. It has a growing population, a massive pool of educated youth, a highly-developed financial sector, a healthy middle class with millions of potential investors, and many people who want to take advantage of each and everything the country has to offer.

“There are a lot of young women starting to take advantage of these opportunities, but they’re at a level where there are still some very large challenges to overcome,” said Lian-Bin Chan, a professor at Columbia Business School.

But with the government’s help — and a little help from a little girl named Lily — there is hope on the way.

This story has been updated with a correction.

It all started in 2007

Chinese people in the late 1990s were all caught up in that dream of living in the future, a dream that many of them believed lay in their own generation.

But young people often want to experience the present now — whether it’s in school or in work. In the past year, people in the West have seen a similar phenomenon: the rise of mobile phones, which allows people to communicate anywhere they walk; the rise of social media; the rise of instant messages; the rise of virtual communities; the rise of the Internet age; the rise of smart phones and tablet computers; and the proliferation of the Internet of Things.

But all of this seems to have brought us one step closer to a future in which technology will bring humanity closer together.

Now Lily, 8 months old, says she’s a tech-savvy Chinese girl who’s going to use the knowledge she learns from the Internet to create and sell stuff. And it all started in 2007, right before she was born and just as soon as the Chinese economy turned into an increasingly exciting investment opportunity.

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Lily Chan is the granddaughter of Chinese billionaire Li Zhongtian, who died in 2013 when one of his two sons was found shot to death in Hong Kong, after Li had a falling out with the family.

When Lian-Bin Chan was in high school, the China’s economic transition had just begun and

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