What is the longest YouTube video ever made? – Learn How To Shoot Video With Dslr

It’s an actual record:

The longest video ever made in English is the longest video ever made on YouTube, but that title is still up for grabs.

It’s the longest “video” ever made in English on YouTube, and the longest video ever made in English was created by the man who now holds the record: Daniel Haebeom (YouTube channel name: “DanielHaeBeom”) on June 4th, 2015, lasting for 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

Here’s how the record came to be:

“Daniel Hoebeom” had uploaded a “vlog” to YouTube titled “I made the longest video on YouTube,” according to the YouTube description for his video. The video was originally made with a Canon EOS 40D and “I recorded it with this camera at 8:45 pm on Friday February 18, 2015,” but was edited and uploaded at 4:17 am on Saturday, February 19th at 1:18 pm.

In just a few seconds, Daniel Haebeom has gone from a man who was making a YouTube video of all things “I made” to being a record-setting “YouTube celebrity.” At this point, “I made the longest video ever made” is only a matter of time and the record has already been broken.

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So how did he get the record?

Daniel Haebeom is a 26-year-old from Seoul, South Korea. He first made “I made the longest video ever” on February 19th at 8:45 pm. The video was edited and uploaded as “2501” on Wednesday, February 23rd at 9:46 pm. Haebeom was uploading videos of himself in Korean to YouTube a few days prior to the record being broken (and in Korean), which he did a few days ago on February 16th at 2:44 pm, making him eligible for the record, according to the YouTube description for “I made the longest video on YouTube,” according to the video.

The official YouTube account for Haebeom, who goes by the user name DanielHaeBeom , had previously confirmed the record for himself on March 6th by posting “I am the longest on YouTube: I am the longest.”

On February 19, Haebeom stated that he did not know he was breaking the record until he saw the total of views on his

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