What is the longest music video?

The longest music video is one that goes for more than one minute. Some videos like a music video are a bit of a mess, while some songs are a real time masterpiece. I don’t think there really is a definitive list of the top music videos, only a few top songs, but most songs go into the conversation. With that said I did spend some time researching music videos, looking at the videos that are truly outstanding. You can go back and research the best music videos before, but I thought this was a good place to start. Click through to see the list and then tell me what did you find interesting.

On Sunday, the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed a bill making Texas the 18th country in the world to allow the use of assisted suicide. Abbott made the announcement at the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC.

In addition, a majority of the Republican Party leadership endorsed a similar bill this week in Virginia. Abbott said he “strongly favors providing compassion and dignity to those whose final wish is to die with dignity.”

Abbott is a former U.S. Attorney who also served as speaker of the Texas House of Representatives for four years. He is not the first Republican governor to sign on to the bill, but he is the first governor of a major state to do so, making it a significant political victory for Republicans nationally.


Texas joins 17 other states across the country where the use of assisted suicide is legal, an effort that has been led by conservative religious people and groups, but also includes people who are terminally ill, people in abusive marriages, and individuals suffering from depression.

Abbott has received substantial backing from the corporate conservative billionaire Koch brothers and other wealthy donors, the majority of whom have previously criticized him for his support for gun control and, since taking office, his support for allowing some types of affirmative action. But he is also the first Republican in the U.S. president’s home state to support the full legalization of assisted suicide.

His decision is already being described as a watershed moment for the fight for abortion rights and equality; last month, the Texas legislature passed a bill allowing terminally ill individuals to end their lives. And as Reuters notes, “Abbott’s endorsement is just the latest sign of how extreme the religious right’s long-running fight against abortion rights and gay rights has become.”

There are already more than 3,000 assisted-suicide laws in the entire state of Texas — and