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When will it get better? How do I become the right person for the job? I wanted a way to look past the “video editor” label and see a more diverse set of work that might be the work of a videographer, a designer, a compositor, an editor, a writer, a programmer, a producer … a lot of things.

This new website, “Tripwire,” is my answer to that question, and it’s been in active development for over a year now.

Why? Because in my experience, no matter how many jobs you take, you always end up leaving something behind.

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That’s what made me decide to put an end to that, and turn to the online forums to help me find like-minded people who share my interests.

Tripwire is a social network for videographers, photographers, compositors, editors, video production techs, and other creative professionals who have questions, suggestions, and concerns about the video production industry. If you’re working in production, or working as a freelance videographer or designer, you’re welcome to join the forum! But the more you use the forums, the more you’ll feel like a part of something important. You’ll get in touch with people with a similar interests as you do. That can make a lot of difference right from the very beginning. You’ll also get to hear and share your feedback directly with a handful of other creative professionals with similar interests. The forum has over 500 participants. There’s also a Facebook page, but that’s a much-sought-after venue to share with your friends and colleagues.

Why it matters what I say

I have had the pleasure of having two full-time jobs – both creative industries – over the past few years. My entire professional life has revolved around video production, but every once in a while I’d sit at my desk and spend some time thinking about the things that I wanted to become or did not want to leave behind. I don’t want anyone to think that I just did it because I’m so driven to become an artist.

After all, I took these jobs because I found myself at a unique place in my career where I was able to have the kind of freedom that I didn’t experience during high school. I also took them because they are jobs that I enjoyed doing and that I believe in, as well as because I liked the feeling and the challenge of writing a story. A lot of that freedom was gained

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