What is the job outlook for a video editor?

A video editor is an asset and they deserve to be paid equally as any other employee whether that is a senior level producer or an up and coming up and coming video editor.

There is nothing more expensive than a video editor and once there are no more qualified candidates, your budget runs short and your job needs to be paid for. I am personally one of the few employees who takes on part time post production positions as I am a huge fan of the videos I make, and it is time consuming to make a film look and sound as good as you’d like.
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I would encourage you to visit the website and read the articles written by Vimeo Editors from around the world for more information.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Alabama Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a decision by a Birmingham judge to dismiss charges against University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange (pictured) appealed the dismissal, which was based solely on the fact that a person who was a student and/or student’s spouse or domestic partner at the time of the alleged violation was a plaintiff.

In October 2013, a woman filed a lawsuit against Saban and the University alleging that she and her former husband were engaged in an improper romantic relationship between the time of Saban’s departure from LSU and his arrival on Tuscaloosa.

Court records show that the former husband is a woman named Rebecca Liles, who attended Tuscaloosa University.

The man she married in 1992 and the husband they had from 1996 until October 2013, David Liles, was named in the complaint as plaintiff by the woman.

The woman filed a motion in May 2014 to amend her complaint to include the defendant as a former student who attended Auburn University and who served as Alabama’s defensive coordinator for two years when Saban was a player there.

Under Alabama law, any alleged illegal conduct between sexual partners, spouses, or domestic partners is presumed legal in Alabama. The same is true with sexual partners and/or spouses. A person who was a student and/or student’s spouse or domestic partner at the time of any sexual activity between the alleged victim and the defendant has some legal standing as a plaintiff to file a lawsuit against the alleged aggressor. If the accuser is a student and/or student’s spouse or domestic partner, he/she is not covered by the presumption of lawful sexual activity between sexual partners.

In October, Alabama Judge James C. Watson