What is the hourly rate for a videographer? – How To Film Yourself With A Phone

We are an experienced and reputable freelance television, film and online photo editing business.

Are there special bonuses you offer or bonuses to be earned?

We work with clients in the industry at all levels and offer several different perks and promotions for our clients.

Do you offer photography on the internet of course?

We have several clients who have come to us online to shoot some professional-quality content. The client will work with us, develop the portfolio and upload to a popular website or web-site with high-quality videos and images to showcase our work.

How long does it usually last?

We try and shoot in one month and then we move onto the next project. When we are not working on a project we can be at home or on the beach so that allows us to shoot and edit the latest trends around Australia.

When can I expect a payment in Australia?

There is no set payment date and usually it takes between 3-7 days for payment for a job.

You pay via PayPal and the payment is done via Direct Debit only to a credit card account.

The payment will be debited to your credit card as soon as the job finished.

What will happen to the work I have shot?

If you have done quality work, we will provide you with digital files for you to use. There are no files to send back to us. Our clients are asked to credit the work to us during purchase of the job.

Where can I contact them?

If you are a freelance photographer or video editor and are looking for a project to work on please contact us directly via the contact form provided above. We strive to provide quality, high quality work to clients each and every time.

We are based in Australia.

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