What equipment do I need to shoot a music video? – See Yourself While Filming

You’ll need:

-A Canon 5D Mark II with a 28mm lens

-A Canon 100 mm lens (I really think you shouldn’t use the 50mm in a video)

-Fantasys camera


-Towels from Target

-A sturdy and light case with an opening that is wide enough to get the camera in and out without tipping over the lens (if your lens needs extra support or is not very close to the light source)

-A tripod

-A small amount of watertight tape (optional)

-The best light to have is from something bright enough to illuminate every part of the picture without using too much light

-The best video camera is a Sony a7S for full HD video
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-If you do any serious editing then try to get a Pro Camera to work with the camera (or if you want to shoot some film you’ll definitely want a camera)

Where can I find high quality footage?

You can shoot video anywhere, we have many sites and apps that will let you find videos that are great for your projects.

For example, check out:,-87.067694,0.031946&z=12

How do I go about shooting video in HD quality?

I hope you don’t mind the long reply…

I know in your case it is very important that you capture everything in 1080p, however, a high quality video is made out of a combination of 4K (2160p) and 1080i (1440p).

This gives you a lot of flexibility and I’ll show you a simple trick to give you maximum clarity and speed up your workflow.

This is how you can speed up your post processing workflow for post processing.


–Create a post processing scene

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