What app plays music during a video?

There’s no good answer to that question for the Android Music app. As far as I can tell, YouTube seems to have the preference for Google Drive for its music streaming service.

What would be a good answer for the iOS Music app?

Probably no answer. There’s just so many different Apple music services to sort through here, and some are better than others. And what about the other services that could be added to the Apple Music app? I don’t know.

Apple Music’s Apple-branded music services, including Beats Music, are currently available on iOS and OS X. They will soon be available on Android and Android TV. Google-branded music services, including Google Play Music, YouTube Music and YouTube Red, are currently available, but they’re available only on iOS devices. Google Play Music is exclusive to Apple devices, while YouTube Red is only available for the Google Play Android TV set-top box.

When will the last American gun buyback take place?

When will they finally get around to abolishing guns altogether, like our beloved Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?

I say that because on the heels of the latest horrible massacre in Orlando, Florida, the country is again on the brink of gun buyback madness. The National Rifle Association has called our bluff and is now demanding a “National Instant Check System to ensure that anyone wanting a gun has a reason to do so.”

This is not about stopping criminals from violating the laws. This is actually a blatant attempt to disarm all of the decent, law abiding American citizens of the country. It is, if anything, a dangerous escalation. Because if they were to do this, they would not only be trying to disarm the American public of their legal weapons, but they would also be trying to disarm the citizens of the country as a whole.

A “National Instant Check System” sounds like it could be used to create an identity crisis on a mass scale.

What if an illegal immigrant decided to walk into an FBI field office and try to apply for a gun, and after having the opportunity to show his ID, he got lost and ended up in the back of some government office? If that were to happen, would you expect the FBI to give him his gun back because he turned in his proper ID? They would be putting him under suspicion, because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The government is trying to do the exact same thing here. There are millions