What app plays music during a video?

The user taps on a particular app icon. If he doesn’t, then the app is closed, allowing other apps to be used.

The app to be used is selected at launch in the app list above the main window. The app to be used will be listed as “Downloaded” – tap on it.

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Tap on the small icon with a big “T” to view its details.

There is a “Share” button in the upper left of the dialog box, above the list of downloaded songs.

How do I share my downloaded song? The user taps on the “Share” button in the upper left.

There is a “Share” button in the upper left.

If the share button is not present, then the user is prompted to select a song.

Once selected, the song will not be downloaded if it does not have the option to share. If the song doesn’t have the option to share, then the song will be downloaded.

However, the user has the choice of being directed to any of your favorite websites.

If only one song is selected for sharing, then it will be automatically downloaded for everyone if you do not want to download every single song.

Can I control the downloaded songs? Yes – all song metadata will be shared. You will be able to add play counts for each song in the app list via the ‘Play Count’ column in the music app settings.

You can also control downloaded songs for offline use. Simply add all of your downloaded songs to the ‘Downloaded’ folder in the iCloud account. You’ll be notified when your songs are downloaded – a message will appear on the ‘Downloaded’ window during the song’s download.

How can I control the ‘Share’ option? Tap on the share icon in the upper left and select the option you want to use.

The ‘Share’ button in the upper right allows you to download any song in your iCloud Music Library.

To control the songs that are downloaded when the user selects a different album, playlist or artist from the album list, tap and hold on the song title or artist name and drag it to the ‘Share’ button. The ‘Share’ button will open in a pop up window.

Note – the ‘Share’ button must be selected when the song is being downloaded. The ‘Share’ button will be removed if it is already active after music is downloaded.

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