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If you need a quick and simple way to create video, look no further than Kdenlive. There are a few free options that you can check out, such as the Kdenlive PRO. However, even if you are familiar with editing, you’ll probably find that there are plenty of options that you aren’t aware of. Here are just a few examples of what you can find:

What is Kdenlive?

Originally a Vimeo competitor, Kdenlive has gone on to become Microsoft’s most popular video editing tool. In fact, it now powers over 3 million+ videos (2 million+ on Facebook and 200,000+ on Youtube). When you install Kdenlive, it’s essentially an entire virtual drive (the video folder), with its own folder structure. In addition to Kdenlive Pro, there’s also a free version that comes with some features that aren’t quite up to par.

All of this makes Kdenlive easy to learn. It’s extremely intuitive to work with, especially those familiar with Vimeo. You can even use Kdenlive to transfer your existing Vimeo videos (or just your videos from one account), and get your own custom settings and tags (more on that later).

That’s actually the idea, right? After all, Kdenlive doesn’t replace Vimeo, but instead it is the same app for Windows and Mac. That means you can sync your Kdenlive files to both versions of the app. You can also edit your video directly on your desktop, and use a drag&drop interface for dragging and dropping the files between the apps.

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How the video editing app works:

With video editing, the goal is to make an interesting and engaging video on the fly. When you create an original video, you have to go and load up a new folder on your hard drive (either Vimeo or and save the video you want to edit. Then, you have to drag and drop the video file to Kdenlive Pro. To start editing the video and add some audio and text, you just drag and drop the file into the folder.

This works great, it really does! It lets you edit the file on your computer and then get it ready for editing on your mobile device. It’s a seamless and efficient process. I actually like to refer to my Kdenlive setup like this:

Kdenlive – My mobile device

Kdenlive – My

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