Is GoPro good for making YouTube videos?

The simple answer is yes, but one has to also ask how long GoPro will keep the software around, and if it will be available for purchase. Will the GoPro App ever make it to a phone or tablet? It is possible, however it is more likely that the future will bring the GoPro Camera Camera as a separate hardware item. We don’t know what exactly GoPro is working on for iOS & Android, but we do know why GoPro can’t get it there yet. The same is true for its other products – the action cam and accessories.

The future is coming closer and closer to us all. It’s no surprise that GoPro’s CEO says that they have an Android & iOS partnership in the works, but we do know a pretty big piece that GoPro is working on. It’s a camera – the GoPro Cam. has been following the story since January when GoPro revealed the new GoPro Cam that was just a prototype at that time. According to a GoPro insider speaking to us, GoPro is working on a new camera, but we don’t know yet when that might be.

Why does GoPro need its own camera?

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The GoPro Cam has many components that allow it to work with a GoPro remote in addition to being compatible with phones. This includes:

The camera and a GoPro remote,

A microphone,

Wireless data transmission (the GoPro app),

Micro USB charging port for mobile devices, and wireless Bluetooth communication with any GoPro remote you may be able to get your hands on.

In the end, with that list of components, the GoPro Cam may come into being in just one form. Perhaps a separate device that works with the GoPro remote, while other accessories, like mobile phone docks that can charge a smartphone and provide connection to the GoPro Cam, may be built in to the final product.

The GoPro Cam is said to be a handheld camera and a more powerful version of the GoPro Hero4 Black waterproof camera. The GoPro Cam’s camera will include new sensors which are being developed so it will take better pictures and video. In the meantime, expect the GoPro Hero4 Session to continue shipping with the GoPro Hero4 Session.

The GoPro Cam will also include support for a variety of accessories. These include the GoPro app on the iPhone and Android operating systems, as well as the GoPro app for Windows/Android smartphones and the GoPro App for iOS devices.

This is all just the beginning for GoPro. It will probably make its way