How much should I charge for a video?

While you’re at it, you might as well get an expert opinion.

And even if you don’t make a living from marketing, if you’re serious about making videos, go for a professional set. At $600, I can hire a professional to do the following:

Provide analysis about your content

Provide an in-depth analysis of your video’s structure, pacing, rhythm, and audio

Take screenshots of your video

In a world of self-promotion, a professional can provide valuable context for why the viewer should purchase your video

So if you’re planning on shooting videos professionally, do it. Whether it’s a small clip for YouTube, a YouTube Channel, or your own blog, this will only set you up to make a decent living from your craft.

How do I get a budget for a video?

If you’re not a videographer, budgeting for an audio-visual budget is pretty similar to a script. The only catch is that it doesn’t have to be a big budget.

If your budget is a few thousand dollars, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a 15 minute video or a two hour YouTube clip. Just make sure you get it made and get paid.

When should I go for this budget?

A few years ago, I did freelance video work for clients who had very little money and were looking for help to create videos to make their business grow. The client even offered me to make my own footage. It was a great opportunity, but I still feel I couldn’t possibly match what was offered to me.

Then a friend suggested to me that I look into video creation from scratch. In fact, after all the time spent on making videos, I’ve seen how incredibly creative and effective videographers can really be.

My advice: start by experimenting with how you can make your videos look great. What do you do in order to make your video awesome?

How to build an email list of people who would be interested in buying your video

While I’ve not had a successful one yet, I feel like it’s always a good idea to try to contact some of the influencers (like me) before investing time, emotion & money into a campaign.

In fact, for any freelance video I do, whether YouTube or email, I try to reach out to at least one influencer from the list who would be interested in a video.