How much should I charge for a video? – Cinematography Shots

Some people think you should charge a lot. The reason is that once something has been watched a number of times, it has already become a social event. People are now more likely to show up to meet up to watch it again.

If you’re charging a lot of money, you’re not necessarily increasing interest in your product. Instead, you’re creating a system that encourages consumption rather than creation. People will watch and consume more videos because videos are available everywhere, and the cost of a video is essentially fixed.

There are many reasons why many people think of video as a premium product. And no, it’s not because some companies charge $1,000 to put together a 60-second ad for an hour-long show. (Not even close.) Video is expensive.

But, if you charge a lot, it doesn’t matter, because people will consume videos. There is a reason why advertising is still heavily promoted on television and in movies, despite the fact that almost no money is spent on its production.

If you can get away with charging too much, it won’t really matter if the product, quality, or presentation aren’t high enough to justify the cost. But if you can’t, you either can’t or you’re going to lose those customers.

Is a little extra for YouTube your most important revenue source?

The bottom line is that, whether or not you use Google Play Music, and any of the other revenue sources I listed, the key to monetizing your channel will always have to do with your audience.

If you’re trying to get traction with your channel, you need to ensure you have a strong following, and that those followers can afford to keep coming back to your channel, over and over again.

Remember that you might have already built up a loyal audience. But what about new fans, people who start following you, over and over again, when your channel is first launched? They’ll be waiting for you to get promoted, or to spend some money on things that will help them stay hooked, and you’ll have to keep going and keep getting more viewers because they’ll keep coming, even if you’re using a subscription model.

That’s the beauty of a free model: It’s the only way to get people to come back to your channel over and over again.

And that’s an interesting fact for you to consider, because it suggests the same thing has to apply to both the free and the paid models.

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