How much should I charge for a 30 second video? – Learn To Shoot Video

How fast should I go? Do I need anything else besides my mobile phone? When and how much to pack your supplies?

Why do we need tools and other equipment ? Where can I buy this equipment ?

Why are our materials used? Have you ever asked the question – Are we recycling or recycling?

Are there any questions I should know before I get started?

Is it worth it?

Is your project cost effective?

Can the results I am getting from my project be duplicated by other parties?

Do I need to have equipment to make this project work? If you don’t have any equipment, can you sell it at the end of the project? If yes, how many times should you sell it?

Is there any risk to the environment? Are there any known hazards in working with materials? If yes, why?

Are there any good ways to recycle some of your product ? How?

Do you have what it takes to make your plan successful ? Will you be able to get the project done?

Do you have some of the materials you need to make your plan work ? If so, which ones? Can you deliver it to the end party using these materials yourself?

Do I understand what the project will look like in practice ?

How easy (or difficult) is it to build the project in the future ? If so, how likely and how long do you think it will take me to complete this project?

How satisfied can I become in the project using the materials that I have selected?

Is there anything I could do to increase my chances of success ?

Can you give me some additional guidance on the project (or help me understand the more complex aspects of the project) ?

What kinds of resources are available to get started ?

If I find a supplier that I can trust, will I have a reliable partner? If not, which company, do you think can be trusted to do a good job?

How can I make my project cost effective?

If I get the information and materials I need, how much will the project cost?

How long until the project is complete?

What kind of equipment are you willing to offer to the project partners?

If it is possible, can I buy the material and supplies at the end of the project? In which currencies are your prices quoted? Do you ship outside of Canada ? If yes, which

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