How much should I charge for a 1 minute video? – Learn To Shoot Video On Dslr

In general, it’s recommended that you charge $2-$5 per minute for 5 minutes of work.

If you have a long video, you may want to charge more for each second.

What are my rights as a video maker? Are there other ways to take our video footage?

You have the right to upload the video to the Internet, for use on the Internet at large, and distribute the video footage. However, you also have rights to the use of the footage in any other media. For example, you have the right to publish the video to YouTube, to syndicate the videos across other networks, to include the footage in documentaries, and to give the footage as a gift. This has also been defined as a copyright.

How much time do I have to work on a project?

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The time allotted for filming will vary depending on the project and it’s complexity. We recommend that you schedule your work based on what you can accomplish over a given period of time. For example, if you are not sure what you can do within a month, schedule around a weekly filming schedule. In terms of working on a project longer than two weeks, the average takes on commercial projects can range from 5-45 days, depending on how much footage you have to edit. For those shooting commercial scenes in 2-4 days, we will generally advise the work to last up to 7 days.

Who owns the copyright on my footage?

All footage in an original film is considered to be ownership. This means that each of the individual actors, cameramen, set builders, and other set pieces created the film. Even if your footage is shot on location, the camera and other items that you use to create film, are owned by the people who film the content.

Can I make the content of my work and use it for commercial purposes?

Yes. If a person is using your footage for free, that person will also own the use of what we call “content”. If you would like to make a commercial use, please contact us.

I’m filming some of my own music, can I get a piece of my video music included?

Absolutely. For most songs, the music is owned by the people who recorded the vocals. For example, there are different contracts and restrictions between the recording artist and the music recording company for their songs. If a person wants us to incorporate one of their music into their videos, we will.

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