How much is a music video shoot?

A large crew of people from The Film Company works with our camera department to record, edit, color correct, and make professional looking images for your music videos.

We film in our own studio out by the beach for the entire two- and three minute “music video” videos. It’s our home town.

We work closely with film companies in New York and Los Angeles to schedule music videos and have the best schedules for all types of work.

You are responsible for the creative direction of your music video.

What does that entail?

For our films, we work with film companies of all sizes, from small to very large to help us plan our schedule. We have very little control over what we put on the screen. We do the best we can to help create a music video that everyone enjoys.

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A big part of that involves editing and color correction at night. As a small company, we work on the streets and in the community and so many streetsides are dark during the day. We are required to have very dark areas for this shoot.

We use different equipment for different scenes and different times of day. Some of this equipment was donated in order to save for the shoots.

When the cameras are set up, we go to sleep until dark to film it. We don’t make it a habit to sit in a hotel room in the evening when we shoot music videos. We use the time we have with our families to do creative things and spend quality time with friends.

What do you get out of being a music video?

The most important benefit is having a project we really enjoy working on. The second is bringing people together to enjoy our passion and we love connecting with others in the industry. You find the fans you love through your music videos, and now you’re creating a project you love to support.

And the third is your audience. Every artist working with us comes with a story behind their music. We want to share them with you. Our fan base has grown up following artists and making them our friends so that it’s easy to be themselves. Now, we want you to be who you like to be…you to be yourself.

Music videos are amazing because we can share that experience with new people. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to connect with thousands of people and you all support us just as much as we do.

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