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We work for a very experienced production company who has very experienced staff, so there is just a small team and every shoot we do is very small. We shoot for 15 to 20 minutes. We do a ton of different types of music videos, but we also do a lot of documentaries and documentaries on people working with people, and we also do music videos from the people involved in the projects. So it’s always a very wide range of subjects to cover, we shoot a lot of documentary style videos. For example, I shot this one this year, this is a documentary about the music industry, and it was shot at Music Week Music Festival in Vancouver, a very important event in the music industry, that was a big success. We shot quite a few music videos.

Did you start playing music before then?

I’ve been playing music since I was a kid. In Canada, in the west, there’s a club and a club scene going on around the place. Kids who come over and play at the basement, I’ve been coming over to play for ages. And then my dad came over to the house and found out my father was a musician and it is something he’s really proud his son have accomplished.

Did you go to auditions and get accepted a song for your dad?

That’s one of the things and one of the things that I’ve been so surprised by is the number of kids that I know that are amazing musicians. I’m a fan of everything about music. I’m a huge guitar player. I love to have my guitar out, I love to play, and I love to jam. It’s that sort of thing that really surprised me about the kids that are musicians. There’s probably 30 to 40 kids out there that could definitely be musicians. You can see a lot of great talent out there, and that’s something that you don’t see that often because for all the attention that big commercial bands get in the media, there’s still a lot of great work that’s available. I think it’s the fact that the kids in the music world are so connected. It’s something I really appreciate.

Do you think that’s because kids are going out of the house now and making their way to the internet?

This is something that we’re starting to figure out. Nowadays, a lot of people are actually getting their music from the internet. Before, there were people that you were going out and playing music with for a living, and

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