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I’ve found that the median estimate for revenue per 1000 streams for all major labels is $2.50 per stream, but I didn’t find any numbers. I could think of a few factors in play though, so perhaps that’s not a totally accurate median:

The number of streams it gets is probably a fairly important number in this question, given that the top artists get around 80 to 90 percent of Spotify’s revenues.

The numbers above suggest that the average stream size is about 50 streams long, which I would think is about 30. The numbers above also mean that if you had an album on Spotify with 1,000 streams, you could end up paying at least $500 per 1,000 streams. That’s certainly not a very popular choice by any means, but it might be worth the risk for many. It’s certainly worth considering!

How much revenue per 1000 streams can be expected to be with a song in the US?

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As I mentioned above, the estimates I’ve found are for Spotify per 1000 streams, and that number can certainly be different if you’re playing in Australia or other countries. The bottom line is that the amount of revenue you can expect to derive as a result of streaming songs isn’t really something that you can expect to measure yourself. So don’t even write me a check unless there’s a way to estimate how much revenue you could expect to get for being an active Spotify user!

So how much is a song in the US worth?

Let me ask you this: If you pay Spotify $7 per month, can you expect to make $5,000 a month after tax? Well you can’t, but assuming you have no other commitments, that’s pretty close to it.

Note that the average monthly income for people in the US is around $12,000. So you need to add another $3,000 to your yearly income to get a total income of $50,000. This makes things even more difficult.

How does Spotify compare internationally?

In this area, it’s a whole different story. With a worldwide user base and a global music market, the numbers become even more difficult to predict. Luckily for you, I’ve got some data showing how Spotify performs internationally, but let’s see what we’re missing:

How do Spotify’s international user base compare to other streaming services?

For now, I’ve been focusing on Spotify’s user base, but I’ve got data back for

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