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Let’s start with a simple example to make our calculations more clear: When you put in a stream number, how much does Spotify pay each time?

This example assumes that you’re already a subscriber when you enter a download to your Spotify account. If you’re a new subscriber and buy the first album, you’ll pay the subscription fee based on your total number of streams, in this case 2 million. For every additional stream (whether it’s the “first” or any subsequent album) during the 30 day free trial period, however:

Your subscription to Spotify may cost the same price as the first paid stream for every additional 30 days of usage (for example, two streams for the first 30 days of the subscription term and three streams for the final 30 days).

Your monthly Spotify Premium subscription will always cost you the same price as the first 30 days of streams.

Your Spotify Premium subscription will always cost you the same price as the last 30 days of streaming.

For example, if you bought 30 day free trial of Spotify on Jan 15, 2015, and your first day of streaming is on Feb 5, you’ll be charged $0.

How much does Spotify pay for 1 million streams?

We’ll use a simple calculator to come up with the answer, based on our own experience and calculations:
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The $0.50 a day that your subscription now costs each month, and how much is it worth to you, before streaming fees are deducted. Subscription costs (in this example, monthly) 1 million Spotify streams Total subscription fees (in this example, per month) $0.50 a day 0.4 million Spotify Premium subscription monthly cost $0.30 a day $2.00 Spotify Premium subscription yearly cost (in this example, per year) $0.30 a day $4.00 Total yearly subscription fees $6.40 per year

You can convert between these numbers using this handy calculator. Your final calculation could be closer to $1.40 per month, or even closer to $0.50 a day.

The chart below is an example of how much is spent monthly:

How much is it worth to you, once a month?

After you pay for each and every hour of streaming, how much of that is worth to you, on your end? If you are a monthly pay-wall paying Spotify user, you might be shocked at how much money is being spent just on streaming, in addition

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