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If you’re a professional and you’re shooting to sell music, this is an important question that needs a quick answer. If the budget is less than $6,000 it makes sense and you can shoot as many as you want in several locations, but at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re shooting to entertain people, on a budget of between $8,000 and $10,000, then it makes more sense to have an all-star crew that’s dedicated to your brand and that’s doing what you want—they’ll probably spend more, but you’ll get them at cheaper costs. If your budget is above $10,000 then you need a big budget and you should hire professionals.

What type of equipment do I need?

I recommend that you have a set of cameras and lenses with a DSLR-quality sensor, no better than 24 megapixels and a high-ISO sensitivity. An 8-18mm f/3.5-4.5 lens is helpful but less is really more when shooting street-style videos. You can purchase an expensive Canon 5D Mark III with a high-resolution sensor and a higher-end lens if you want to shoot in the center of the image and have the option to go out on the side to add some light or get extra range on the side. A small mirrorless system, with the ability to put light on film, or a digital SLR or mirrorless camera make an instant difference. I also like a full-size DSLR with a 35-105mm VR. If you don’t have a full-frame camera and prefer to shoot in a low-light situation then I recommend getting a Canon 6D that has a low-light zoom lens of 10-14mm with a maximum aperture of f/8, just in case the ambient light isn’t great enough that you’ll need a longer telephoto lens for the scene you’re photographing. I prefer to capture outdoor photos since I find that that’s when the sunlight is the biggest issue.

If you shoot a lot in the evening or with a lot of lighting, you should have a tripod mounted and a light bag or a softbox so that you can take those pictures without worrying that you’re hitting the wall. You can also mount a light meter and use that to figure out how much light you need to capture for a certain setting.

Is a light meter helpful?

Although I’d personally say it’s not necessary,

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