How much does a 3 minute video cost?

The same as a longer version of a game with lots of dialogue: $2.99

A free demo adds 3 minutes of gameplay: $0.99

A limited-time demo adds 5 minutes of gameplay: $0.99

That’s a fair price tag, even for video games from independent developers and publishers. It’s hard to see how a $3 video game can be worth $3.50 for “free”. I suspect that if players bought games like this, they would pay the full $3.50 price tag.

The most annoying part of the video is that after a while and when you’re finished paying for it, there’s no “free” version to “play”. You have to play it, you have to see the ads and you have to wait for it to finish loading. It just sucks.


You can purchase game trailers from game publishers for $3.50. These ads show up on YouTube, Hulu, Vudu, and others. The biggest problem with ads showing up on YouTube is that they add noise to the video and reduce the appeal. You’d think that you get more out of those ads by actually waiting for them to load!

What YouTube should do to fix this is change their ad policy to not include them. They’ve made videos with ads removed in the past (such as the GTA 5 Commercials). The fact of the matter is YouTube needs to change or they won’t get the revenue they deserve. If they don’t, people will be stuck using YouTube without ads. I’m just not sure if the YouTube platform has the infrastructure to support this.

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(Note: This article was written with help from Jason Houghton, one of my students)

An official who is the director at the International Association of Athletics Federations has been removed from his job after it was discovered he had had a sexual relationship with another woman, according to a statement released by the federation’s president on Wednesday.

Maurizio Giani, the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations said it had been determined that Dr. Robert Cuno, director of the International Association of Athletics Federation, had been having sexual relations with an employee.

Giani was removed from his post at the federation following the discovery of the relationship. Giani