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Here’s an estimate (all in US cents) of how much a video currently costs for both VOD and online streaming:

Note: Most of these pricing estimates were made based on the total cost (including VOD, Pay-per-view, digital rights management service and content creator fees and fees that go towards the stream delivery and distribution process.) If you’re only interested in the VOD cost in USD, you can see the corresponding figures below:

How are the new video content pricing structures different?

As part of their partnership with Fox Sports, Fox Sports Go will offer access to an all-new package through its cable/satellite television services, which allows fans all across the country to catch up on their favorite teams and highlight the season that was with a simple click.

“What our fans want the most is to have access to Fox Sports Go’s entire suite of programs in one subscription — not just the major games and highlights, but the game breakdown, the schedule, what the other teams are on, where they play, etc.,” said Dan Rinaldi, Vice President of Business Development for the Fox Sports Group. “But our partners at Fox Sports Go have been willing to experiment with new ways to deliver it so all of our fans can get their Fox Sports Go experience in a convenient format.”

“If our customers have a TV subscription and like to watch on the go from their TV, it’s good to see that the Fox Sports Go app allows them to do that while having access to our entire suite of digital products with Fox Sports Go,” said Ryan O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer of Fox Sports. “This new app package not only gives our fans a chance to take advantage of the best the digital age has to offer, but we’re also going to be offering them the best in video on the go. By offering our new packages on one subscription to Fox Sports Go and the Fox Sports Go service, we are giving our customers a way to get around the cable and satellite TV box and their TV without having to carry additional equipment, while keeping the entertainment they love.”

Here’s what new packages will look like:

With the new bundles, customers will receive access to the full Fox Sports Go library of 24 live sporting events, a collection of more than 300 hours of on-demand programming, including all 26 World Cup qualifying matches, 10 of 16 UFC on Fox 1 fights on FXX, plus several other programming categories designed to meet the needs of FOX Sports

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