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As mentioned earlier: the sensor in the Sony A7r II is larger than that in previous A7 cameras. It’s a 24.0 MP unit, and its pixel size measures in at 2,048,400 x 2,048,400. When looking back at the pixel count of previous models, it’s hard to find a model that had a larger pixel size (at least not in their full frame models). The only two full frame cameras with larger sensor sizes (and a higher sensor element count) are the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and the new Google Pixel (6 and 7) smartphones. Both of these camera phones have sensor dimensions that are on the same order as the A7r II’s. As a point of reference, if you look at the same image on the 8MP iPhone 6 Plus at 1:1, but compare it side-by-side with the same image on the 16MP iPhone 6s Plus at 1:1, the 8MP image looks smaller. We expect this trend to continue, just in a more exaggerated way, in the year to come when high-end cameras start competing with DSLRs in terms of megapixels. As of right now, full-frame and compact cameras share the same pixel count for the time being, and it is expected that these cameras will both see some improvement in megapixel count in 2017.

By the time he had finished his second year of college, D.J. Shelton was already a seasoned pro.

Shelton and the Seattle Seahawks didn’t draft a running back in the first round last year — they drafted a tight end. That meant the Seahawks’ backfield was all downhill from there.

With a veteran like Thomas Rawls and a young, talented bunch of players in the backfield, they should have a chance to make that run happen.

That might have taken a little longer the second year in. The rookie back failed to live up to expectations (his running back rating went from a 68.0 in his rookie season (which was by far the lowest among qualifying backs) to a 70.6 that year).
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If you are looking for reasons to like what the Seahawks should do at the position moving forward, this is one of them.

Seattle got a third-round pick from the Kansas City Chiefs as a potential backup and had the opportunity to pick three running backs in the fourth round, two in the fifth and one in the sixth.

The pick of Rawls

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