How long it takes to edit a music video?

I’ve posted a few times on Twitter:

You’ll need a .ZIP file. My videos are in 4K so I usually don’t have any trouble. My footage is also in 1:8 aspect ratio, so that’s a lot of work to do.

What type of editing software do you use? I use After Effects and Lightroom.

What’s your workflow? I have Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom. In other words, I usually spend one minute working on a single song. Then I switch back to After Effects and move on.

How do you edit your music videos? I like editing videos in After Effects. I know After Effects allows you to make video clips as they’re going off so it gives me the opportunity to change things at the time, in the post-production phase, to suit the mood. I would never use a non-video editing program. It will take more time to understand, but I’m used to the process.

If you could spend one hour doing anything, what would it be? I would watch a film, particularly a war film, to learn how to shoot a war. I’d watch documentaries on war and learn the way it was made. I also like to read about the ways other people do their jobs, whether it’s in music videos or whatever. I find it interesting.

What are the most memorable music video moments you’ve seen so far? The music video for this song, “Warm Water” by The Killers, was really good. The video was so good, I knew I had to create one just like it.

Which aspect ratio does “Warm Water” are shot in? In 3:2, or something else?

Did you know how to edit music videos before?

Do you watch the music videos before creating your own? Or am I talking too much into this?

What’s your favorite video you’ve made? I have a few favorites: the video for “Lazy Eye” by Sia, “Birds” by Daft Punk, and “Rude” by Kanye West.

You’ve been in the video industry for eight years. What was the most challenging for you when you first started?

I was a little intimidated. But after a while, the confidence grows. I have also used a lot of tricks to become successful from watching other people’s success too.

How often do you take your music video for an album