How do you record a video? – How To Shoot A Music Video With Iphone

We’d like to see you do a video on your phone. Let me show you one of the more simple tools that I’ve used. It’s a simple phone stand. So for instance: I sit in my car. I’m sitting in my car for about an hour or just a little bit more. I take it out. I’m trying to make sure I’m still in my seat. I’m trying to see if I can record a video without moving around. And what I do is I take the phone out to a place I can go and there are a bunch of small clips all around the outside of the phone that are showing me my outside for about 30 minutes. What I do is when I’m done with the 30 minutes, I just take it and I walk around the outside. I just record what’s out there on the phone. So it’s kind of just a way that I can record it without moving around as much or having to see and hear and feel and see.

This week, we’ve heard from the creators of this great mobile-first video studio. It uses a smartphone, a smartphone-connected camera and a webcam to make its videos.

Can you do a better job capturing your voice on YouTube?

Let’s see.

We’ve got some questions for you.

A camera in your video camera? [No, no, no, no-no. Yes.]

Let’s see.


The question is, do you want to let me know about that when your video game starts to sell well?

So in the beginning of the year, I was thinking about, can I do more video games on my phone. And I said like I’ll do another game for my phone before I even play them again, and I didn’t play them as much and I don’t have a second app after a game on the phone. I just think that’s the fastest way of getting games done and making sure you get the video games done. So that’s the direction I think I should be going in. What I was saying was, I should probably start with another game before, because that’s the most efficient way of getting games done.

What other games?

I’m a huge mobile game fanatic. And I don’t think you can make an impact if you only have one franchise. I think if you do that, you can make some games that are kind of a hit. You could make the most money

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