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When you don’t have the right director, you are faced with endless dilemmas. I find that when I am doing a music video, I am forced to make a choice of between what I am really passionate about and what is appealing to the target audience. If I have the director as my buddy, I often choose to stick to the target audience because it helps the shoot go faster – in my case, a couple days. But if I have any hesitation, I’ll sometimes turn to someone different. For example, I had to do the video for ‘The Beatles Are Dead’. This project required me to meet up with a bunch of people to shoot it. I had to do a lot of shooting, but it was the most fun I’ve ever taken part in.

I found out through a friend of mine who worked with the famous Michael Jackson, who was on his film ‘Man In The Mirror’, that I can choose my camera. It was like a dream come true!

With such a high production value is it difficult to make it look as good as you are going to see it?

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A little! For one, in order to get all the shots you need, I have to be super organized. I have to plan everything in advance and get everybody to agree to the same thing. This can be a bit hard to do. But I’ve found that I am able to get everything on budget so that my cameraman can’t complain. For this project, I spent almost 2 million euros and was only able to get it for 2 million euros. But I’m really happy with the quality.

A lot of people see the footage of your scenes and assume that you are making the video for yourself. To what extent are your scenes edited for you?

Mostly, the director will go over the ideas that I have for the scenes with me. Then I will add my ideas before he finishes shooting the film. On the occasions where the director really likes this concept I will give some additional ideas, like adding a scene with myself dancing while a guy dances with me behind me.

This type of collaboration works the other way around – the director will shoot the entire video and then I will edit the clip as part of my own footage. For this film, the director thought that the song and the lyrics would be more interesting if the video was a little bit more abstract – like a rock movie or some sort of dream-like music.

It is common practice to use a

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