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The cost of your project depends on how much it actually costs you to prepare it, write, edit, proofread and finally publish it. There are ways to make sure you charge less for this project, by keeping the budget flexible. For instance, if you already have your book contract, you can set an initial fee that you’ll charge as part of that contract or you can decide that the fee is $0 if you’re publishing with an established publisher. If you’d like to keep costs lower in the future, you can set a recurring fee that you pay once a month.

If you’re looking to start your own business but don’t know how much to charge, read our 5 tips for setting a flexible budget.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has denied Tesla’s request to exempt itself from the state’s strict energy efficiency requirements on its flagship Gigafactory 1.
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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) had requested a 10 percent reduction in electricity consumption at the plant to 30 percent by year-end 2016, in part as it would cut the company’s electricity expenses by more than $1 billion annually. The request, however, was rejected by the commission.

“As a rule, no one can claim the NREL’s standards set forth in this agreement are overly burdensome,” the NREL writes in a blog post. “The NREL standards for energy efficiency can support economic growth and job creation, reducing fossil fuel use while simultaneously increasing energy security by enabling the use of alternative energy technologies with energy efficiency benefits.”

In addition, Tesla would have enjoyed a huge cash inflow from its customers, which the company would save on electricity costs because the facility’s solar panels would provide more power as the solar output of the power plant increases. However, Tesla is allowed to spend only 1 percent of gross revenue on its “green” goals (including $200 million for employee salaries, buyouts, and other benefits) at the Gigafactory.

Further, if the state of Nevada or any other state in which the plant operates does impose any new restrictions on solar installations, such as requiring solar arrays to receive a federal tax credit of 80 percent of the average cost of installing them, Tesla would have to close the plant within the next 18 months and cease production. It would not be able to get a permit and would be required to pay a fine, the NREL writes. However, the company would still have to comply with Nevada’s regulations if it wanted to sell its battery cells directly

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