How do I price myself as a freelancer? – How To Hold A Camera Steady Without A Tripod

The most important part of a freelancer’s pricing strategy is to understand your client. A great freelancer can know how each client compares to a competitor, so she can choose pricing efficiently. That is why, if possible, your client should work for you. It is usually best to work in the same business and the same industry – this is where the business logic is most developed. Then you can compare prices from other clients. If someone you are thinking about using has a higher price than your competitor(s), take her advice.

What is the minimum amount you ask for?

You only have to ask for minimums on the first request. At the beginning you can ask for more than the minimums because there will be some expenses after. However, after the first few requests you should stop with the minimums and continue with the extra stuff. Once you have a good feeling about your prices, you can start demanding fees if you want to be paid by that or other clients

How do I determine my prices?

First ask your client how he wants to be paid. Ask your client whether he prefers to be paid in cash or in another cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Also ask him if you can be paid in cash without additional processing fees or with a special discount. You can find out what the current market rates are for some cryptocurrencies today on various exchanges. Also, ask your client how the market will respond should his proposal be accepted. How often do you get paid? What is your expected payment? What is your hourly rate? Some freelancers also use a tool for calculating your earnings. You can choose to have an invoice or a quote for different parts of the work.

What will be my payment plan?

The plan is where your customer says how he wants to be paid – a flat fee, hourly rate or a flat commission. Your client can decide whether he wants to split the fee and how this will be calculated and settled. If you decide to pay a flat fee, make sure that this should cover your hourly and commission fees, because this is the most important part. Also make sure that your client is not going to pay in a cryptocurrency, because then you will never receive the full value of the work.

Who are my friends?

This is where your client will decide if he wants to be paid with cryptocurrency. Most of the time, the person to pay you in cryptocurrency or fiat currency. This is not mandatory, but at some point you should be able to

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