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What is RAW in Photography, and why should you shoot in RAW ...

Check out our tips below and we’ll show you a few quick tips before you start shooting.

1. What does the Canon 5D Mark III Camera do?

The 5D Mark III is a full-frame DSLR. It has a 27.8″ LCD screen, a 27.7″ sensor, full HD video at 24fps and Wi-Fi functionality.

This allows the 5D Mark III to be both a professional DSLR for shooting in RAW (DNG) and a consumer DSLR, for shooting still images.

2. What is RAW?

Raw is the current version of the popular JPG format, that doesn’t contain any tonal data, and can be created with software such as Lightroom CC.

Criminal cases filed against an Oregon teenager have dropped after the teen’s mother accused him of rape and accused the teen’s father of failing to protect her.

Jail records state 14-year-old Trenton Taylor of Eugene was charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child last month. He was sent to juvenile detention after the incident, but the charges were later dismissed.

Taylor’s mother was allegedly raped before filing a charge. She then said Trenton allegedly raped her as well, that there is “no proof” of those claims, while Trenton’s father denied both claims.

The teen’s father, 24-year-old John Taylor, told KATU 10 News at the time that he was never informed by police, his attorney, or his son, that the allegations against Trenton included an investigation into the teen rape allegation.

The teen’s allegations did not stop at his parents’ house however. Investigators allegedly searched the teen’s phone, and recovered videos he allegedly shot from within his home.

But the video evidence was never provided to law enforcement because the video was “personal property” that could not be shared with law enforcement.

John Taylor told KATU 10 News that he was told by detectives that Trenton was charged with first-degree sexual assault before the facts surrounding the rape claim came to light.

Taylor also said that, in the wake of the accusations, he was threatened, and that he was told by detectives, “It was a bad choice and I shouldn’t have done it. It’s a bad choice.”

Trenton Taylor’s parents said they didn’t receive a phone call explaining why the charge was dropped or why the charges were later dismissed

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