Does screen recording record sound? – Videography Bootcamp

It really depends on what type of camera you’re using, and how you record.

If you’re using a video/photo cam, it will likely record the sound as you shoot.

With your smartphone, screen recording will record the sound as you take a picture

If you’re using a portable cam, you can just record a sound file in your camera and upload to your smartphone and let your smartphone do the rest.

For the most part, screen recording will record the sound as you capture yourself taking a picture, but there may still be a few exceptions.

The key for recording your video is to capture your screen while the camera is off. The idea is to make your phone record the screen while your video is being recorded. With video, you can also make sure it gets captured properly by using a light meter on your screen to help.

In a pinch, you can either capture the video by going to your recording options and selecting “Record Video” or manually capturing the video. If you do the latter, ensure your video quality is set to the highest possible setting.

How Screen Recording Works

One important thing to notice with screen recording is that your phone and video will be sent in different channels and you’ll be able to capture video from different sources simultaneously.

For example, if you want to capture your video from your front camera and your phone, you can, but also your GPS/location/video-chatting software will be able to capture everything.

If this is important to you, you can disable both of these, but it’s recommended that you use a third-party video app for this.

One last thing to think about is that when you capture a screen while it’s not supposed to, your video won’t play back, forcing you to take a screenshot/video/etc. to complete the recording process.

What Can I Do with Screen Recording?

The ability to record screen has many very real benefits. When you capture a screen, you can then share them to your friends, family and coworkers for instant playback and review.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to listen to your own personal video recording, and, with some apps, you can also even send your recording via text message.

For more on how to capture screen, make sure to check out this great section from Lifehack!

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