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For a while I did a ton of music videos. After all, I want to build a brand for myself, and you have to build a brand for yourself, too. I did three music video series, and one was my first, and I think, a little bit later on they changed who was putting together music videos. I had to build my own stuff, so a lot of the videos I make are really, really cheesy. That stuff was fun, but I realized very quickly that it’s a long process, and it takes a while to really hone your craft and become a great songwriter and writer. So it wasn’t really a conscious thing, but I wanted to be a better video director.

Why do people like to watch your videos?

I think it has to do with the fact that it’s a little bit of a reality show. It’s not really so much about the video as much as it is about the concept behind the video. When you are playing a video in front of tens or hundreds of people, and the videos are just so fun, that’s something that you just can’t replicate. It’s just what you can do. And the concept behind the videos is always fun.

What’s your next project?

I want to get an album out. You know what, I’m going to finish writing this album, or I’m not going to finish writing that album because the reality show, and it was the reality show that led me to this goal, so the reality show has to come out. So if I can get an album out pretty soon, that would be amazing. It’s not a specific song or any song that I’m not playing, I do a lot of stuff, but it’s not like I just picked this one song off a playlist that I want to do. So I’m getting pretty close.

So will the album be your last, or will it go on forever?

It won’t be my last record. At the moment I’m writing songs, and it’s coming out very quickly. I don’t even know if it will be my last record, but I’m feeling like it’s a good time to go full time with music.

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