Do DSLR cameras take good video? – Videography Tutorial

Yes, they do. Yes they do. You can get good video out of them, but their low resolution limit (up to 1280 x 720) and low framerate (0.25 fps) render video to a low quality that would look like a GIF if the pixels were bigger. DSLRs are good for videos because that’s what video cameras do. As digital cameras become smaller, the quality and resolution of video will only climb and climb until, eventually, it becomes as close to digital as a film strip is to an old computer monitor. A digital camera is as close as it gets to film if it gives back more video than it takes in.

What can you do with a small DSLR camera?

I think you can do pretty much anything with a smaller DSLR camera. A tiny video camera might give you the ability to take snapshots with a long exposure to share on social media. Or, perhaps you could take a picture of your dog on the beach and post it on the internet. Whatever you choose to do, use your DSLR to take photos of your activities.

How do you photograph with a small DSLR camera?

For most people shooting with a small DSLR camera can be a great way to learn more about photography. Small DSLR cameras are easy to move around and store, they can take pictures of anything the camera decides is interesting, and they work better compared to larger DSLRs in most aspects. And, for most people, they are less expensive than a larger camera that would cost as much for a full-frame digital frame.

How do YOU photograph at home?

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