Can someone see you through your phone camera?

We did a lot of work with them when we first started on this concept. That was before we knew of the term ‘phablet’ or ‘handset’. The camera is an integrated part of our design so we didn’t want to create anything that was too different in terms of form factor. We did want to put some form of ‘lens’ in there, and then we thought about the way that we could integrate it into what we see when we look at a screen. Not only is our hand-focused image representation the same, but if you’re looking at a screen, you can’t take that image with you, because it’s a two-dimensional image.

Our camera, or whatever device you’re using, can be in the pocket, on your lap, on your desk, with you in your pocket, on your desk, you can put it on your desk. So you could take it with you and take it with you without a tripod, if you wanted to.

In terms of the camera, it’s a small, one-piece design so it’s lightweight… we’re able to integrate everything without it being bulky; it’s not taking up valuable screen real estate in a way that we are uncomfortable with.

And the other important thing is to have the best possible image quality from day-1. If your handset doesn’t have the best camera, then it’s not going to be the best handset.

The biggest issue for us is to find a balance between image quality and performance. I can guarantee you, the best camera out there is going to be the one with the best image quality and performance at any time of day or day-of, at any location in the day. If you put a camera like this in the pocket, in your pocket, then it doesn’t matter where you are, if you’re using it by yourself, it might not be as good as a high-end smartphone camera.

When we first started, Nokia put the best camera in the cheapest handset, which in many countries is the cheapest phone.

There will be manufacturers who are going to say, “Look, what we got with the camera will be the best in the world”. That’s just not possible, because there are so many components in this phone. The sensor has to be small, it has to be lightweight and it has to be able to take really good and clear photos. If you put this in the pocket, it doesn’t matter where you