Can I Screenshot a video? – Event Videography Tips

You can use the link on the video page.

If the link is broken you can call us.

If we cannot help you, we recommend checking the FAQ first to see if you can still upload your video and if you’re confident that it’s safe for kids to watch.

I can only share this video on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Can I share it on Other Social Media?

If you want to share it on other social media, you must contact us first and we will get in touch, you must include your video in the email message along with your social media name and your contact info. Otherwise, we won’t remove it and it will be kept.

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(written from a Production point of view Real World article

In 2367, Voyager is pulled into a black hole by a race of aliens, then is pulled into the vortex of a warp bubble created by the Borg Collective. The ship enters the bubble and discovers a large number of Starfleet personnel, including Harry Kim, who is unable to escape.

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Summary Edit

Teaser Edit

A Starfleet research vessel, the USS Voyager, is in orbit of a neutron star, experiencing major warp fluctuations, due to a disruption caused by an unusual warp field emanating from its hull. Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok are conducting scans of the warp bubble when they get a signal from the ship.

Act One Edit

Tuvok radios his captain to inform him of the situation. He informs her of the situation from the warp bubble that has trapped three hundred and twenty-seven crewmembers, including her, trapped deep within the bubble. With only a few minutes to escape, Tuvok calls for aid from the crew.

Act Two Edit

While Tom Paris, O’Brien, and Seven of Nine try to find way out, Harry Kim and Nog attempt to reason with the crew, hoping to convince them to turn back. With Captain Janeway’s help, the other three members of the crew join them, and begin to discuss the situation. Janeway tells them that if they cannot return to Voyager then they must keep searching for a way to get to the warp bubbles. Kim asks Janeway if she is certain that the bubble can be deactivated

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